PTFS Announces Release of ArchivalWare 4.3

PTFS, a leading provider of content management and library solutions, has released ArchivalWare® Version 4.3. Striving to maintain its leading edge functionality, PTFS has once again enhanced ArchivalWare® to better meet customer needs and enhance digital archiving. The new version provides users with easier ways to store, search, and retrieve documents while preserving those features customers have long enjoyed.

New features to ArchivalWare® 4.3 include: MyWare, new metadata editor templates, dynamic search result displays, and improved reporting. Highlights follow:

  • MyWare – Users can now save searches, create favorite documents, and receive notification if new documents are added. This innovative new tool facilitates a user’s ability to maintain their own private document collections and receive real time updates on collection additions.
  • Enhanced Metadata Editor Templates – ArchivalWare® 4.3 provides users the ability to change metadata editor templates in the admin interface. This allows the customer to easily modify editor templates themselves, enhancing repository searching and retrieval.
  • Dynamic Search Result Displays – Prior to ArchivalWare® 4.3, users had to navigate multiple screens to change the search result display (Row, Column or Thumbnail displays). Now with the click of one button, users can simply toggle between displays within the search result page, allowing for easier display changes.
  • Improved Reporting – Based on customer requests, ArchivalWare® 4.3 now provides more robust reporting capabilities including exporting to excel.

With these additions, ArchivalWare® 4.3 is now even more user friendly and easier to manage. The ArchivalWare® 4.3 enhancements improve the overall user experience through easy to use GUI upgrades as well as reporting upgrades and provide ArchivalWare® users with a better tool for creating digital archives.

About PTFS: PTFS is an industry leader in content management and library solutions and has provided products and services to global corporations and US and foreign government agencies for over 15 years.
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About ArchivalWare®: ArchivalWare® is PTFS’ content management software. With over 200 different supported files, formats and fully customizable interfaces, ArchivalWare® allows organizations to store, access, and manage archives and repositories within one easy to use system. For more information on ArchivalWare® go to: