PTFS CEO John Yokley on the Library Gang 2.0 Podcast

Bethesda, MD – March 11, 2010 -PTFS CEO, John Yokley recently joined the Library 2.0 Gang podcast roundtable to discuss PTFS, his companies bid to acquire Liblime, and state of the open source library solutions market.

Mr. Yokley was joined by Library 2.0 Gang Members Talin Bingham, Nicole England, and Frances Haugen. To listen to the podcast you can go to the link below:

About PTFS, Inc. Founded in 1995, PTFS is a library centric company and is the developer of the ArchivalWare content management software. PTFS has provided commercial ILS systems integration, implementation, and support since its inception. In 2008, PTFS entered the open source library marketplace in 2008, developing, implementing, and supporting Koha ILS solutions. Providing digital library and content management solutions for over a decade, PTFS is experienced in executing complete turn-key solutions as well as on-site library staffing and consulting services.

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