PTFS Awarded Intelligence Community FOIA and Declassification Contract

Washington DC – PTFS announced today that the company was awarded a major prime contract to provide FOIA and Declassification operations support to an intelligence community (IC) agency. This contract is one of the largest for FOIA and Declassification operations support awarded to PTFS to date.

PTFS is providing personnel to augment the government workforce currently processing the declassification of millions of pages of historic records and FOIA requests for this particular agency. PTFS brings 15 years of advanced document processing experience to handle turn-key processing of a massive repository of paper and digital records. PTFS provides operations management support and over 50 cleared professionals with significant subject matter and review experience.

About PTFS:

PTFS is an industry leader in federal agency document conversion; focused on bringing solutions with cost effective management. More information on the company and document conversion programs is available on the PTFS web site at: PTFS’ precise document production process is critical in handling large volumes of classified and fragile historical records. PTFS has a well established reputation for managing hundreds of programs for digital library and content management solutions and conversion of important government, legal, financial records.

PTFS has other IC declassification programs which depend on PTFS unique combination of – professional teams, document conversion production, and advanced metadata technology – to protect sensitive information, while ensuring that public disclosure requirements are met.

PTFS also provides declassification and redaction technology briefings to assist Congressional and Federal Agency managers understand the impact of new technology on the FOIA and declassification process. These sessions review the recent errors in releasing sensitive information; and the IT technology and production steps to avoid similar problems.

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