PTFS Announces Release of ArchivalWare® 4.4

Bethesda, MD – July 8, 2010 – PTFS, a leading provider of enterprise content management and library solutions, has released ArchivalWare® Version 4.4. Striving to better meet customer needs and enhance enterprise content management, PTFS has once again improved up on its leading edge functionality.

The new ArchivalWare® version includes search interface and functionality developments, to provide the user optimized enterprise content management, while preserving features customers have long enjoyed. The enhancements include:

Search Interface

  • Optimal document viewer for quickly viewing large (>20MB) PDF files
  • Enhanced user feedback form for commenting on specific files and metadata records
  • Automated thumbnail creation for existing content
  • New search interface options: Google like search screen or advanced search screen with pinpoint metadata search options
  • MyWare – Content RSS feeds
  • Pre-defined browse folder sorting for improved collection, organization and hierarchy
  • Track and display recently viewed documents in search results

Administrative Interface

  • Combined import screens for easy loading of single documents or batches of documents
  • Easier to define create templates and edit templates
  • Automated thumbnail creation on import for batches, not just single files
  • Tools for metadata mapping on import
  • Expanded help and ArchivalWare® documentation to address frequently encountered questions

About PTFS: PTFS is an industry leader in content management and library solutions and has provided products and services to global corporations and US and foreign government agencies for over 15 years.
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About ArchivalWare: ArchivalWare® is PTFS’s enterprise content management software. With over 200 different supported files, formats and fully customizable interfaces, ArchivalWare® allows organizations to store, access, and manage archives and repositories within one easy to use system. For more information on ArchivalWare® go to:

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