PTFS Posts Free Open Source MARC Utilities Tool

PTFS has released its MARC Utilities – Metadata Converter, for the conversion of MARC records in batch mode to other metadata formats including Dublin Core and XML.

The MARC Utilities is a self-contained executable program which offers an array of catalog tools to manage, convert and analyze MARC-based data. It is written in Perl-TK, and is a great add-on to any MARC cataloger’s (or database administrator’s) toolset.

The MARC Utilities is a free release and is available to anyone who wishes to download it from the Liblime or PTFS websites: &

Due to the overwhelming response surrounding the MARC Utilities Metadata Converter, first released in March of 2010, LibLime and PTFS have now made available two different downloads. The first is the stand-alone, executable application that can be downloaded and used immediately. The second provides the source code so that others can enhance the functionality of the editor.

MARC Utilities was created in 2004, by PTFS ILS expert, Rashid Faraby, who needed a fast, efficient MARC editing tool primarily to help him in his daily tasks as a Sirsi Unicorn library system administrator. Some of MARC Utilities features include:


  • Edit text/mnemonic files
  • Convert MARC to mnemonic/Text, SIRSI ASCII, Dublin Core, XML, and CSV
  • Convert mnemonic/Text-formatted files to MARC
  • Convert mnemonic/Text-formatted records to MARC directly from the editor
  • Enhanced editor and search feature with a string history to recall previous searches
  • Perform MARC queries to filter and extract MARC data
  • Dedupe MARC records and extract unique/duplicate records
  • Add a MARC field
  • Identify and remove duplicate MARC fields
  • Find and replace specific field strings (including indicators and subfields)
  • Remove MARC records
  • Apply constant data to a range of MARC records
  • Apply 949 MARC Data on the fly
  • Validate MARC records and identify errors
  • Check MARC data integrity
  • Analyze MARC data to study a collection of records
  • Split large MARC files into smaller documents
  • Check for 856 broken links
  • Filter list user and item reports for export to CSV format
  • Find and purge old SIRSI reports
  • Export report results to the editor