A Happy MARC Tools Editor

Brett L. Williams, Information Professional, and author of his own self titled blog – http://brettlwilliams.wordpress.com, is a fan of the free MARC Tools application.

Mr. Williams commented, “I’m a die-hard for MARCedit, but I’m also always looking for new (and portable) applications for editing MARC records. PTFS just released an unpolished, but effective application for editing and transforming MARC records to and from a variety of formats.”

Due to the overwhelming response surrounding the MARC Utilities Metadata Converter, first released in March of 2010, LibLime and PTFS have now made available two different downloads. The first is the stand-alone, executable application that can be downloaded and used immediately. The second provides the source code so that others can enhance the functionality of the editor.

“This is a handy bit of software to have on your memory key,” Mr. Williams concluded.

Checkout the Brett L. Williams blog posting for yourself: http://brettlwilliams.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/ptfs-marc-tools/