PTFS Releases Enterprise Declassification White Paper

Bethesda, MD – PTFS has released its long anticipated Enterprise Declassification White Paper. This White Paper is a culmination of the hands on experience as well as research and development PTFS staff have conducted over the past several years in the realm of FOIA, redaction and declassification initiatives.

With three Executive Orders (12958, 13291,13526) from three different Presidents since 1995, a growing emphasis has been placed on releasing sanitized versions of sensitive information to the American public. Unfortunately, though little direction has been provided to individual Federal Organizations.

“When we first started pursuing this market and industry, we quickly realized there was no uniform way of auto-sanitizing content; each organization had their own methods,” said Dan Quinn, VP of Marketing for PTFS.

PTFS’s ArchivalWare™ software already possessed the search capabilities and flexible workflow management tools to automate each organization’s specific standard operating procedure (SOP), it was just a matter of blending these powerful search and redaction tools for the individual SOPS.

“The lack of uniform processes created a challenge: how do you create a COTS product that meets each individual organization’s needs/process specifics? So we developed ArchivalWare DX with a flexible workflow in mind, to go along with the software’s powerful knowledge management tools,” Mr. Quinn continued.

The Enterprise Declassification White Paper combines years of PTFS experience and R&D in FOIA, redaction and declassification initiatives with 10+ years of Enterprise Content Management software development.

About PTFS:
PTFS is a leading Content and Knowledge Management solution provider. Founded in 1995, PTFS has focused on developing enterprise content management solutions for Federal, state, and local government organizations as well as commercial entities. Staffed with knowledge management experts, PTFS understands the difficulties of managing content across an enterprise, let alone redacting information from content for declassification processing purposes. With these difficulties in mind, five years ago PTFS started developing its declassification solutions. Today PTFS provides full declassification life cycle support, from scanning hardcopy content to implementing ArchivalWare DX redaction and declassification processing software.