AMAR Health IT

PTFS is a proud to announce its membership in the AMAR Health IT joint venture (AH-IT). AH-IT, LLC comes together as a Joint Venture who combined staff is made up of hundreds of Health/Science and IT subject matter expert resources. AH-IT manages multi-million dollar contracts.

As the needs stakeholders continue to evolve, Life Science, Healthcare and health IT spending is at an all-time high. AHIT is ready to approach its responsibility in this effort with a “Bench-to-Bedside” (laboratory-to-patient) focus.

The Joint Venture is comprised of nine mid-tier and small companies, each with their own health-industry related qualifications, fused into one highly-functional entity to assist the NIH and NITAAC achieve success.

AH-IT partners include: AMAR InternationalSUPRTEKidexcelTMRDMG Federal DASreVision inc, and Matsuda & Associates.