PTFS and Liblime Executive Teams Awarded Smart CXO Award

The PTFS and Liblime Executive Teams were recently awarded the Smart CXO Award by The Washington Branch of Smart CEO.

“It pleasures me greatly to have our carefully chosen executive team recognized for all their hard work and dedication,” PTFS President and CEO John Yokley commented.

Smart CEO recognized executive teams that know how to debate issues, build strong management at all levels, and instill accountability, processes and plans.

With these goals in mind, PTFS and Liblime Executive Team members were recognized for all of their hard work and dedication. Executive Team Members from both sides of PTFS include:

  • John Yokley, President and CEO
  • Tony Berkant, CFO and VP of Finance and Administration
  • Dan Quinn, VP of Sales and Marketing
  • Brett Smith, VP of Engineering and PMO
  • Patrick Jones, Director of Liblime
  • Jennifer Black, Director Product Management and Digital Library Solutions
  • Marsha Barker, Director of Professional Services
  • Mike Harris, IT Director
  • Lynn Clark, Director of Contracts
  • Sharon Lewis, HR Director and FSO

“I’ve seen first hand the level of commitment and standard of excellence established by our executive teams. PTFS’ success and proven track record of providing deliverables on time and under budget could not have been achieved without them,” Mr. Yokley concluded.

Check out The April 2011 Edition of Smart CEO to learn more.