PTFS Monthly Newsletter – April

Thanks for Stopping By at DODIIS 2011

PTFS would like to thank everyone that attended The DoDIIS 2011 Worldwide Conference. This year’s show saw record exhibitor attendance.

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PTFS Best Practices in Speech to Text ECM

The inherent problem with converting and managing audio files in an ECM platform is the inability to search across the actual content of the audio file as well as getting to the specific location in the file where the area of interest is present. As a solution to these problems, PTFS has developed best practices for speech to text conversion and subsequent management of this content in the ArchivalWare ECM platform.

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PTFS and Liblime Executive Teams Awarded Smart CXO Award

The PTFS and Liblime Executive Teams were recently awarded the Smart CXO Award by The Washington Branch of Smart CEO.

“It pleasures me greatly to have our carefully chosen executive team recognized for all their hard work and dedication,” PTFS President and CEO John Yokley commented.

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