PTFS Supported Solution Being Presented to ERWG Today

Today the AFDO will present the PTFS supported semi-auto declassification solution to the External Referral Working Group (ERWG). For the past year, PTFS has worked closely with the Air Force’s Declassification Office (AFDO) to develop a solution for scanning, redacting, and declassifying sensitive microfilm.

ERWG is a collaborative group that is charged with identifying major declassification and FOIA processing methods, technologies, and advancements for the betterment of US Government agencies charged with releasing content, with possibly sensitive information, to the public.

For this project, the Air Force was tasked with preserving sensitive microfilm (before it deteriorated beyond recognition) and declassifying these files for public release. AFDO contracted with PTFS to provide the preservation services for the microfilm, as well as the redaction and declassification portion of the project through ArchivalWare DX.

ArchivalWare DX is built on the ArchivalWare Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platform and combines powerful search and retrieval tools with robust Business Process Management. ArchivalWare DX integrates with current FOIA processing to provide analysts, reviewers, and supervisors the ability to auto-redact sensitive information through the creation of dirty libraries for identification of redaction candidates.

ERWG’s mission is to support the 25 year declassification provision of Executive Order 12958; The AFDO’s current process is believed to be a bridge between the current fully manually process and fully automated process.

For more information on ArchivalWare DX, click here.