PTFS Announces Release of ArchivalWare GS™ 2.0

PTFS, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ArchivalWare GS™ 2.0, an update which provides an increase of functionality and usability to PTFS’s proven geospatial data management application. ArchivalWare GS™ allows users to search, store, manage, retrieve, share, analyze, and discover a diverse set of geographic information within one easy to use, web based system.

The newest version of ArchivalWare GS™ builds upon the first release by expanding and adding capabilities tailored to geospatial and imagery experts, including enhanced integration with third party map and discovery applications, a re-designed user interface, new image manipulation features, and full support for more raster and vector data formats. Specific improvements include:

• Integration with Esri – ArchivalWare GS™ has added integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Web Map application to provide a third option for discovery and visualization. In the previous version, ArchivalWare GS™ consisted of a Google Earth interface along with the standard ArchivalWare™ browser based search interface. A user can now choose, on-the-fly, between the three interfaces (Google Earth, ArcGIS, or ArchivalWare™) while retaining access to tools specific to the software (e.g., Google Earth’s zoom and rotation capabilities).
• Cleaner, More Intuitive User Interface – The optimized map view interface displays search results in a configurable table that relates information between the maps and data. Users can click on a column within the table and the information will be highlighted on the corresponding Google Earth or ArcGIS map. The table provides users with the ability to show extents, overlay, order content, and more.
• More Robust Set of Tools – Users are now able to perform complex operations such as chipping. By simply drawing an extent over an area on the map, the user can crop from one, two, or more images and combine them into one while preserving the metadata record. The user can then share or email these newly created files through ArchivalWare GS™’s advanced collaboration tools.
• Enhanced File Type Support – ArchivalWare GS™’s open architecture enables it to handle a range of geospatial information including: shapefiles, KML, raster and imagery formats, NITF, GeoTIF, Esri personal and file geodatabase, and NGA data formats (VPF, DTED, RPF, etc.).
PTFS, Inc. will be attending the GEOINT tradeshow in San Antonio, Texas from October 16 through October 19. Please stop by if you’re in the area to see ArchivalWare GS™ 2.0 in action.

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