PTFS Announces ArchivalWare Approval Workflow Module Release for Content Workflow Management

North Bethesda, MD-December 19, 2012- PTFS is announcing the introduction of ArchivalWare Approval Workflow, a Java Business Process Management (jBPM) module, to ArchivalWare. Through seamless direct integration with Microsoft Office, users can directly participate in content approval workflow, which allows for ArchivalWare to ingest draft documents and files. Whereas ArchivalWare had not been capable of managing the workflow associated with the lifecycle of a document, the new module now allows ArchivalWare to incorporate drafts which are subject to a workflow process for completion and approval.

The ArchivalWare Approval Workflow module works by integrating document management and development review, edit, and proofread processes into ArchivalWare. The workflow process seamlessly and automatically routes the file between the creator, reviewer, and approver while notifying the appropriate users when specific actions occur. When the final step in the workflow process occurs, the document is then converted to a PDF and sent to ArchivalWare for permanent storage. ArchivalWare Approval Workflow also allows for virtually anyone to assign user roles as it will be no longer necessary for a developer to hard code the user assignments and expands the version control and records management capabilities already resident on the product.

“ArchivalWare Approval Workflow is a breakthrough integration solution for ArchivalWare. The new capabilities available in ArchivalWare Approval Workflow meet current and new customer demands as ArchivalWare continues to evolve in the document and records management space,” says John Yokley, President and CEO of PTFS. “We believe this will be especially helpful for an organization looking to better manage the full lifecycle of their document development processes.”

About PTFS
Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS) has been a leading provider of enterprise content management solutions to Federal Civilian and DoD agencies since 1995. PTFS has an enterprise content management application marketed as ArchivalWare which has been in production for twelve years and is installed at more than eighty customer locations. This application is best known for providing knowledge management, geospatial, and declassification solutions and now provides content management as a service. Supporting services include digitization, system integration, application installation/configuration, content loading/organization, training, staff augmentation, and ongoing support. PTFS also supports Koha, an open source integrated library solution for research centers and libraries which has now been tightly integrated with ArchivalWare’s core CMS. PTFS installs, customizes, and hosts this application and supports over 800 libraries and research centers with the solution. For more information, visit