PTFS Announces Support of Open Government Policy Initiative

North Bethesda, Maryland, May 6, 2014 – PTFS, a leading provider of enterprise content management and library solutions, is proud to announce that ArchivalWare, its browser-based, enterprise content management solution, can be fully leveraged to achieve compliance with President Obama’s open data policy executive order and the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Open Government Directive. ArchivalWare is used by federal agencies throughout the country to manage their digital content and provide broad but controlled accessibility.

Currently, ArchivalWare is used to store, manage, and disseminate content/digital objects within a single file type agnostic, full-text search and retrieval system. The solution can be used for dissemination activities by using machine-readable and open formats, data standards such as ISO: 19005 and PDF/A technology, and common core and extensible metadata, including Dublin Core and extended Dublin Core. Moreover, the ArchivalWare DX (declassification) and ARS (ArchivalWare Release System) modules can be used to improve accuracy and reduce the risk of releasing sensitive information, which is crucial in the “information lifecycle to identify information that should not be released.”

By utilizing ArchivalWare, federal agencies will be able to comply with President Obama’s national policy initiative, which will “promote continued job growth, government efficiency, and the social good that can be gained from opening government data to the public.”

About PTFS
Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS) has been a leading provider of enterprise content management solutions to Federal Civilian and DoD agencies since 1995. PTFS has an enterprise content management application marketed as ArchivalWare which has been in production for twelve years and is installed at more than eighty customer locations. This application is best known for providing knowledge management, geospatial, and declassification solutions and now provides content management as a service. Supporting services include digitization, system integration, application installation/configuration, content loading/organization, training, staff augmentation, and ongoing support. For more information, visit or