PTFS Participates in Beta Program for Esri Drone2Map Product

NORTH BETHESDA, Maryland, USA, February 19, 2016 – Progressive Technology Federal Systems Inc. (PTFS), today announced that it will participate in the beta program of Drone2Map™ for ArcGIS(R).

Drone2Map, turns raw still imagery from drones into professional 2D and 3D imagery products. The desktop app will produce affordable imagery on demand for land analysis, infrastructure inspection, and monitoring events such as natural disasters or environmental changes.

In the beta program, PTFS will use its Droneware™ Geospatial Content Management Systems (GeoCMS) alongside Drone2Map. Droneware facilitates the storage, discovery and dissemination of virtually any type of sensor data captured by an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

PTFS’ GeoCMS products allow users to effectively support UAS big data in a wide range of industries, such as Transportation, Utilities, Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Natural Resources Management, and Emergency Response. Droneware will provide the critical tools necessary for these industry users to manage their data.

“Unmanned Aerial Systems capture large volumes of data that must be organized, interrogated, processed, and disseminated quickly,” said Dan Quinn, PTFS Vice President. “Pairing Droneware with Drone2Map will allow UAS users to capture and manage enormous archives of UAS data and quickly select the exact imagery to process with Drone2Map. Once processed, completed imagery products will be managed by Droneware and organized by mission so that original imagery and completed products are always linked”, continued Quinn.

A thin client/server and cloud based solution requiring only a web connection, Droneware runs on a PC in the office or a handheld device in the field enabling the user to interrogate local or remote UAS data storage anytime from anywhere. Droneware is built on the same Knowvation GS GeoCMS technology on which commercial and government organizations rely to manage raster and vector geospatial data, as well as video, audio and text-based content across multiple large data archives.

The current marketplace does not yet include the ability to manage large UAS sensor datasets using an Enterprise GeoCMS or to manage any data type and process the selected and desired data into geo-referenced ortho-mosaics, DSMs, DTMs, point clouds and 3D models. By leveraging Droneware together with Drone2Map, the sophisticated discovery capability of Droneware will provide UAS users with simple and intuitive search and browse capability as well as the ability to manage and disseminate finished GIS products created by Drone2Map. Users can perform geospatial queries by typing a geographic name or word, entering latitude/longitude coordinates or performing a visual search by drawing a rectangle on a map interface. Droneware will execute the search on the entire archive regardless of data type or file format and will now manage completed products built using Drone2Map for ArcGIS.

PTFS will demonstrate Droneware and Knowvation GS technology in Kiosk D1at Esri’s FedGIS conference being held February 24-25, 2016 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC. PTFS’ CEO John Yokley will be presenting Droneware and Knowvation GS product overviews in the “Drone Zone” on February 24 at 1:00 pm and February 25 at 3:45 PM EST.

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PTFS is a leading provider of enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS) to federal, civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies. Established in 1995 and headquartered in North Bethesda, Md. just outside Washington, D.C. PTFS launched its flagship CMS offering, Knowvation (originally ArchivalWare) in 2000 and release its GeoCMS product Droneware in 2015. PTFS CMS products are entirely web-based and best known for providing geospatial, FOIA and declassification, database integration, and digital library solutions.

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