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The PTFS integrated solution portfolio spans the full spectrum of services and products to help agencies and libraries embrace all facets of content management for maximum effectiveness with streamlined efficiency.


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What We Do

Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS) has been a leading enterprise Content Services Platform (CSP) to Federal, Civilian and DoD agencies since 1995. Furthermore, Knowvation® (formerly ArchivalWare™), our CSP application, has been in production since 2003. Best known for providing knowledge management, geospatial, and declassification solutions, Knowvation now offers content management as a service. We can also help you with digitization, system integration, application installation/configuration, content loading/organization, training, staff augmentation, and ongoing support services.

The LibLime division provides support services around Bibliovation™, an open development Library Services Platform.  With customers around the world, LibLime provides implementation, software development, consulting, and support/hosting services for hundreds of libraries and information centers.   Bibliovation includes a digital content management module powered by Knowvation.


At PTFS our mission is simple. We aim to make the job of every user easier and more efficient. Through products that are intuitive, relevant and easy to implement and maintain, we arm agencies, Librarians and Analysts with the tools they need to answer questions quickly and accurately. Because of our size, we have the agility and talent to treat each customer like a member of our own team and work collaboratively to develop solutions that last.



  • Provide a high-performance work environment that encourages continuous learning, promotes job satisfaction, maximizes employee retention, encourages new employee mentoring and development, and sustains corporate knowledge.
  • Develop innovative next generation solutions to enhance and improve our customers’ business processes and maximize their return on investment.
  • Enhance the industry by pioneering new technologies, suggesting visionary solutions, and delivering forums for industry and user collaboration.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing responsive customer support, advanced technology, and high-quality products and services at a fair price.

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    About LibLime

    Today, LibLime is the global leader in open development Library Services Platform (LSP) systems and support. LibLime facilitates open development solutions by providing consulting, development, implementation, and support and hosting for libraries of all types and sizes. Bibliovation provides libraries with a cost-effective alternative to the traditional commercial model of software license costs and expensive annual maintenance. LibLime offers complete hosting of the application and database in our dedicated space within the highly secure FedRAMP-compliant Amazon EC2 cloud. Working closely with our library customers, we afford the most relevant technology tools in the Bibliovation platform – a solution built By Librarians For Librarians. If you are interested in learning more about our services, costs, and what LibLime has developed for our customers (such as Waldo Academic Libraries, Pioneer consortium and the South Central Library System), please contact us today.

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