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Leverage your valuable content using Knowvation running on Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading cloud infrastructure for security, scalability, and redundancy.


Using Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading cloud infrastructure for security, scalability, and redundancy PTFS is enhancing the scalability of their leading enterprise Content and Library Services Platforms (CSP/LSP) like no other available solution in our domain.

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How Knowvation Works and Why it is Different

Information is one of the most valuable assets to organizations today. But as the amount of information grows, the more difficult it becomes for employees to find their organization’s relevant information. On average, 24% of a business professional’s time is spent looking for information!
The term “findability” refers to how easy it is to find relevant information. Poor findability results in wasted resources and excessive time spent searching for information.
How Knowvation Works

PTFS recognized this issue when developing the Knowvation Content Services Platform. Knowvation solves the findability problem by using “federating” technology. It crawls, identifies, and indexes sources of information on designated networks. A master index of data is created for data stored locally or dispersed in repositories around the world. This “one search finds all” capability provides intelligent search, thorough data discovery and finds information that you didn’t even know you should be looking for. Solving the Findability problem provides a platform for analytics and helps to automate electronic records management!

Use Case: Document Intelligence Platform — Using Knowvation IT for the Greater Good!

Knowvation can provide a Document Intelligence platform to includes Web services to process, categorize and redact information. One use case is based on new laws that legalized marijuana. This AI/ML capability will allow government organization to review and release data and ultimately prisoners that have been incarcerated for marijuana misdemeanors only. The system is scaled using dynamic AWS EC2 Auto Scaling, a fully managed service that launches or terminate EC2 instances automatically to provide sufficient processing power to maintain performance will minimizing cost to the customer.

The process includes:

  • Data indexing
  • Search
  • Auto-data classification
  • An Expandable NLP and ML model
  • Automated and semi-automated redaction services
  • A document repository for storage and search
Document Intelligence Platform

Customer Success Stories

San Diego Lands Record Management System

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In the County of San Diego, CA, Maps, plans, and records related to land information could only be obtained by going to the counties survey records office. The county wanted to provide a solution that could deliver land information online and allow users to purchase the data via an e-commerce capability.
San Diego County Seal

The county selected PTFS’ and our Knowvation GS application to meet the needs of San Diego County’s customers for simplified discovery, review and online ordering of content from the Survey Record System (SRS). The system can be searched geographically using an online map, or by metadata such as address, intersection, record number, etc.

Map Data is provided by the San Diego County Esri server that provides lot/parcel data and county maps. Knowvation GS was configured to consume the map services provided by this server. PTFS implemented an Online Payment System service by integrating Knowvation’s shopping cart with PayPal. Esri desktop software is used to convert incoming survey TIFF files into GeoTIFFs that are loaded into Knowvation GS.

Initially it was request that PTFS utilize (MS Azure) to the server, storage, and networking required to host the SRS Knowvation GS instance. PTFS is migrating the system form Azure to Amazon Web Services. PTFS interfaces with cloud based resources to allocate the necessary resources to provide a secure, high performance, fail-safe solution.

San Diego County SRS


  • The GeoTIFFs and other San Diego County land information are discoverable over the internet via a geospatial map search, metadata or text searches and can be overlaid on a base map in the users interface.
  • The information can be discovered purchased online immediately 24×7 at the convenience of the user.
  • In the land record office kiosk(s)using Knowvation are now available to provide walk-in customers with the ability to discover and print large and regular format surveys and other land information.

San Diego County SRSLearn More About Knowvation

Utah State Library, Utah Government Digital Library

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The Utah State Library (USL) needed a public facing repository for their collection of state publications. PTFS developed a solution based on the Knowvation platform to manage a diverse set of content from multiple Utah state agencies, counties and cities. The site is public facing and provides an easy and intuitive interface to search and discover content. Full text search capability enables searching across every word of every page of every document.

The Knowvation Digital Library Repository provides online, long-term, public access to state publications consisting of documents, images, audio, and video files. In addition, the platform is available to local libraries across the state to build their own digital repositories, independent of the USL, relevant to their communities and/or collections. USL has had a statutory duty since 2006 to provide online permanent public access to state publications (Utah Code Ann. Sec. 9-7-208). It extends from one of the State Library’s core missions of collecting and providing access to state publications. The Utah Government Digital Library (UGDL) has used Knowvation as their digital library repository platform from its inception in 2007. PTFS has been the sole provider of hosting (Amazon Web Services), support and maintenance since the system first went live.

Utah Government Digital Library


  • The UGDL solution provides permanent public access and digital preservation for Utah State Agency documents.
  • The system provides convenient 24×7 access to public records via the Internet.
  • The system allows the state to keep in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • The Knowvation platform is flexible extensible and expandable. Utilizing Amazon Web Services for hosting allow real-time scalability that allows other local libraries across the state to build their own digital repositories while maintaining performance ad response times that provide a gratifying user experience.

Utah Government Digital LibraryLearn More About Knowvation

Wyoming State Library, Wyoming Newspaper Project

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The State of Wyoming needed to preserve a historic newspaper collection while making its contents available for public research. PTFS digitized the content and created a Knowvation based repository.

The Wyoming State Library wanted to create a digital archive of their historic newspaper collection. Their collection of historic newspapers from local counties and municipalities dates back to the 1800’s and had been preserved on microfilm. They wanted to digitize the 850,000 pages of newspaper, following current best practices and standards, to preserve the microfilm while making the newspaper available to the public.

The Wyoming State Library also has a collection of trademarks and trademark applications that needed to be digitized and made readily available. The Library envisioned a digital archiving/asset management system to store, search, retrieve, browse, and manage the digitized electronic newspaper and trademark collection. Since the collection was large and growing, they needed an application that could perform full text searching and utilize more sophisticated, so they could locate document hits with pinpoint accuracy.

Wyoming State Library, Wyoming Tribune Newspaper Clipping

PTFS’s proposal included digitization services for the microfilm newspaper and trademark document collections, a fully configured server, installing the digital archiving application, loading the images into the system, and training. The State chose to partner with PTFS because of their library science and digitization expertise.

PTFS also worked with the Library to create a plan for archiving new content as it is created, so that the collection will always be current. All these unique capabilities came together to make this important project a success.


  • The existing collection of microfilm was preserved so it will not undergo further degradation from a microfilm reader.
  • Any potential user with access to a web browser can now access the entire newspaper collection.
  • Knowvation provides sophisticated searching tools so hits within a document can be found with pinpoint accuracy.

Wyoming Newspaper ProjectLearn More About Knowvation

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