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PTFS’ Knowvation enterprise Content Services Platform (CSP) offers organizations the control they need over their content. From consolidating storage resources to enabling agile collaboration, the system gets information where it needs to go in a fraction of the time.


Knowvation is a web-based, Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) CSP solution that has active installations worldwide supporting thousands of users. As a COTS product, the Knowvation implementation process is simple. The easy-to-use web-based interface means even novice users without any programming knowledge can operate the system like pros. Knowvation can be used to ingest, create, and manage a repository of information or it can find and index materials in place. This federated index capability offers a “one search finds all” functionality while also allowing records governance for an organization’s critical data.  If you already have repositories of managed information in SharePoint or other systems, Knowvation will index this data as-is and provide a one-stop-shop search portal to ensure that organizations can find and access all its valuable data.

The Knowvation CSP allows easy integration with third party tools or newly developed custom microservices. With our API driven architecture, including a SQL API, off-platform Business Intelligence tools, such as PowerBI, Tableau or Microstrategy, can be introduced to support existing data exploration and visualization workflows. The Knowvation CSP also supports Esri tools and data types. Esri Web tools can access unstructured data in the Knowvation CSP and use Esri displays and web interfaces. Knowvation CSP visualization capabilities provide four real-time results interfaces for discovery of collected data and events, including a map display for data with geospatial relevance.

  • Easy to Use Web Based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Search Across both metadata and full-text and highlights full-text hits
  • Federated Indexing and Search – “One Search Finds All”
  • Content Services Platform (CSP) is easy to Integrate with RESTful Web Services and API’s
  • Integrated search and browse hierarchy.

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Knowvation GS logo

Knowvation GS meets the challenge by providing discovery, exploitation and dissemination advantages. PTFS’ core software, Knowvation®, is the heart of Knowvation GS. It is a browser-based, full-text search and discovery system for digital collections which allows organizations to manage data within one easy to use system. This solution provides a low cost/low risk solution for analysts to quickly complete their mission.

  • Provides a map-based solution for limiting a query to a geospatial area
  • Combines geospatial search with full text/metadata to include textual annotations on imagery
  • Map search results displayed as point or extent
  • Easy to use GUI and toolbar provides quick access to tools and functions
  • Provides alternative choice of multiple basemap types on-the-fly
  • Supports any GIS dataset i.e., images, maps, shapefiles, and documents (i.e., Word, video, PDF)
  • Significantly Increases Geospatial Analyst productivity.

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Knowvation DX™ is a document sanitization workflow software that combines standard Knowvation® with advanced semantic indexing and workflow tools. The development of Knowvation DX is a result of PTFS’ extensive experience in successfully meeting some of the most demanding requirements from the DoD and other Federal agencies for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) removal, declassification and FOIA operations.

  • Increases productivity with semi-automated reviews that are 10 times faster than a manual process.
  • Improves accuracy and reduces the risk of exposing sensitive information.
  • Redactor permanently removes sensitive information and associated metadata
  • Flexible workflow engine allows the system to quickly adapt to new declass/FOIA or PA requirements

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The Knowvation RM™ solution was developed to help resolve agency issues that cause Records Management (RM) programs to fail. Sporadic and/or limited Information Management communication with insufficient accountability are an ongoing issue. Unfortunately, there are little or no consequences for non-compliance. Most Federal RM programs are challenged in executing their goals as the most experienced users are unable to spend the necessary time to categorize documents. Instead, in order to respond to FOIA or Public Affairs requests, users must spend significant time locating the documents needed to respond. Finding records subject to a 25-year review depends on voluntary cooperation across multiple Federal offices.

  • Managing Retention Schedules that can be adjusted quickly and easily
  • Industry leading search technology provides Natural Language processing
  • Provides a range of tailored reports based on customer requirements.
  • Enables straight forward differentiation between permanent and temporary records to apply unique retention rules

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