100% web-based and cloud-hosted open development Library Services Platform (LSP)

No longer bound by physical barriers, libraries are now challenged to keep pace with vast amounts of digital information, alongside the traditional print collections. Bibliovation is the only Library Services Platform with a totally integrated capability for managing digital collections. Since 2005, LibLime has been at the forefront of providing library management software solutions. Our librarians, software engineers and information technologists work closely with our customers to create the best workflow solutions.

The Bibliovation Library Services Platform (LSP) is a highly flexible, unified software system offered as a SaaS solution. The entire platform is 100% web-based, providing mobile access from all devices. Bibliovation uses relational databases storing all data types, including bibliographic, patron, transaction, acquisitions, and digital objects. By design, Bibliovation is highly customizable to support a variety of different library workflows. Users can select individual system components (i.e., Acquisitions and Discovery Layer to be used only to complement an existing ILS), or the entire suite of services can be provided to create the complete platform. MARC records, as well as other flexible metadata formats, are created as part of the digital object import process.

Our customers include Librarians from many different backgrounds – they have different workflows, different missions, different user communities, and different external resources. LibLime works closely with individual or groups of sites to develop requirements for new functionality or enhancements to existing functionality. The Librarians participate in all steps of the design process — feature identification, design description, specification approval, alpha testing, beta testing, and final production deployment. Bibliovation has been developed by Librarians for Librarians as an open development platform with a very active user community. This process is better than the closed proprietary model used for the last 30 years. Designed By Librarians and Used By Librarians!