Knowvation GS

Geospatial intelligence for
non-geospatial information

Knowvation GS meets the challenge by providing discovery, exploitation and dissemination advantages. PTFS’ core software, KnowvationTM, is the heart of Knowvation GS. It is a browser-based, full-text search and discovery system for digital collections which allows organizations to manage data within one easy to use system. This solution provides a low cost/low risk solution for analysts to quickly complete their mission.

  • Provides a map-based solution for limiting a query to a geospatial area
  • Combines geospatial search with full text/metadata to include textual annotations on imagery
  • Map search results displayed as point or extent
  • Easy to use GUI and toolbar provides quick access to tools and functions
  • Provides alternative choice of multiple basemap types on-the-fly
  • Supports any GIS dataset i.e., images, maps, shapefiles, and documents (i.e., Word, video, PDF)
  • Significantly Increases Geospatial Analyst productivity.
Federated indexing

across multi-cloud and on-premise (data stays at original source) with optional ingesting

Smart crawl service

to link metadata between different repositories Integrated full text search/browse or browse/search bidirectional filter

Seamless full text and geospatial AOI

search to locate required information quickly, efficiently and accurately

Explore connections

between maps, layers and their corresponding datasets

AWS or Azure OCR

with text extraction options

Display image extents

for search results that meet specified criteria

Choice of alternative base maps

with access to software specific display manipulation tools

Activity Based Analysis and Intelligence

identifies a needle in a haystack when no predefined target has been selected