One Search Finds All!

Cloud-based intelligent search, continuous federated indexing, digital object management, and geotagging

The Knowvationf CSP allows easy integration with third party tools or newly developed custom microservices. With our API driven architecture, including a SQL API, off-platform Business Intelligence tools, such as PowerBI, Tableau or Microstrategy, can be introduced to support existing data exploration and visualization workflows. The Knowvation CSP also supports Esri tools and data types. Esri Web tools can access unstructured data in the Knowvation CSP and use Esri displays and web interfaces. Knowvation CSP visualization capabilities provide four real-time results interfaces for discovery of collected data and events, including a map display for data with geospatial relevance.

  • Easy to use Web Based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Search aross both metadata and full-text and highlights full-text hits
  • Federated Indexing and Search – “One Search Finds All”
  • Content Services Platform (CSP) is easy to Integrate with RESTful Web Services and API’s
  • Integrated search and browse hierarchy.
Advanced search methods

Pattern (fuzzy logic), Concept (natural language), and Boolean, Geospatial (visual area of interest), and Exact

Continuous federated indexing

One Search Finds All!

Extraction, indexing, and platform

Text extraction, intelligent indexing service, and platform for analytics


Native, AWS, or Azure options

Integrated workflow engine

for RPA

Easy API integrations

with existing technologies

User-friendly data management tools

robust global metadata editor, browsable data hierarchy, faceted search, search/results/display preferences

Activity Based Analysis and Intelligence

identifies a needle in a haystack when no predefined target has been selected