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One simple to use, powerful search tool that reaches your library’s full universe of physical and digital assets to retrieve relevant search results. The user experience transforms from the frustration of multiple database searches with search rules and different search results lists, to the satisfaction of a single search that combines relevant results from unified indexes, independent databases, library catalogs, and local digital collections.


The Bibliovation™ Library Services Platform (LSP) is a unified software system offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. The entire platform is 100% web-based, providing mobile access from all devices. Bibliovation uses relational databases storing all data, including metadata records covering bibliographic, patron, transaction, authority, and acquisitions. By design, Bibliovation is highly customizable to support a variety of different library workflows. Users can select individual system components (i.e., Acquisitions and Discovery Layer to be used only to complement an existing Integrated Library System (ILS)), or the entire suite of services to create the complete platform. Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) records, as well as other flexible metadata formats, are created as part of the digital object import process.

How Bibliovation Library Services Platform Works

Our customers include Librarians from many different backgrounds – they have different workflows, different missions, different user communities, and different external resources. We work closely with individual or groups of sites to develop requirements for new functionality or enhance existing functionality. The Librarians participate in all steps of the design process from feature identification to final production deployment. Bibliovation has been developed by Librarians for Librarians as an open development platform with a very active user community.

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Tools and Functionality

Unique features and benefits of Bibliovation Library Services Platform include:

  • Discovery layer
  • Fully integrated digital content management module
  • Full-text searching of digital documents
  • Relevancy ranking in the discovery layer delivers best results first
  • Dynamic and rich contextual faceted search options
  • Enriched content support, and eBook integration
  • Esri and Google Maps search interfaces support GeoMARC cataloging for visual retrieval
  • Multi-language search translation
  • Inter Library Loan requests, purchase requests and reference requests
  • Saved searches and alerts for new materials
  • Record tagging, ratings, reviews, and personal list creation
  • Self-checkout and self-renewal
  • Digital object downloads
  • Mobile device support
  • Suspend/reactivate holds, recall materials and e-call slips

Discovery Layer  Circulation  Cataloging Editor  Serials Control  Acquisitions  System Administration

Discovery Layer

  • Intuitive and powerful keyword searching with relevancy ranking for accurate search results
  • Dynamic and rich contextual faceted search options, enriched content support, and eBook integration
  • Full-text searching of digital objects
  • Visual map-based searching (Esri and Google Earth search interfaces) as well as traditional browse searching
  • Multi-language search translation
  • Patron dashboard including:
    • Inter Library Loan requests, purchase requests, and reference requests
    • saved searches and alerts for new materials
    • record tagging, ratings, reviews and personal List creation
    • self-checkout & Self-renewal
    • digital object downloads,
    • mobile device support
    • suspend/reactivate holds, recall materials, closed stacks call slips requests

Web-based Circulation

  • ‘Green’ holds algorithm
  • Patron record ownership for union catalogs
  • Agency based multiple circulation policies for union catalogs
  • Patron messaging options (RSS feeds, email, lists, and pop-ups)
  • Course reserves
  • Parent/child record relationships with support for proxy borrowing
  • LDAP/ registrar services / automatic patron record creation
  • Inter Library Loan request tracker, holds management with pass/ trace for union catalogs
  • Batch delete of unused patron records
  • Message creation dashboard

Web-based MARC21-based Cataloging Editor

  • Full MARC21 records support and record templates for bibs, authorities and holdings
  • MARC21 records validation rules with support for local cataloging rules (with embedded local validation)
  • Record cloning and multiple record display
  • Batch delete/edit with support for cut/paste between records
  • Authority control for multiple thesauri
  • Z39 search from Cataloging Editor
  • Reservoir workspace
  • Batch import with matching profiles and data field deletion
  • Digital document management administration
  • Site-defined terminology picklists applicable throughout the MARC record

Web-based Serials Control

  • Support for the MARC format for holdings
  • Central ordering and distribution
  • Multiple subscription support and flexible routing slips
  • EDI claiming through acquisitions
  • Full support for enumeration and chronology
  • Holds for specific issue support

Web-based Acquisitions

  • Enhanced EDI support with EDI claiming
  • Unlimited purchase order lines per purchase order and purchase requests tracker
  • Controlling and managing funds hierarchy
  • Vendor shopping cart upload and Z39 searching
  • Invoice rectification
  • ‘Send to catalog’ feature for ‘On Order’ display
  • Support for multi-Financial Year (FY) funding with FY fund hierarchy auto-rollover
  • Support for Firm Orders, Standing Orders, Blanket Orders, and Serial Orders

Web-based System Administration

  • Discovery Layer Configuration Editor
  • SQL query creator with saved queries and ODBC access
  • Staff permissions (roles and individual accounts)
  • Batch record export and batch patron import
  • Label printing, message manager and email messaging support
  • Z39 search target management
  • System preferences controlling workflow functions
  • Security – modification log viewer

What you need to know

  • No software installed on desktops, and no servers required in the libraries
  • Completely Web-based and built on MySQL – all data is readily accessible to all users via a web browser
  • Hosted in LibLime’s cloud computing data center and distributed via Software as a Service (SaaS) – hundreds of libraries worldwide are able to alleviate their internal IT support needs
  • Highly scalable: can manage hundreds of libraries, tens of millions of records
  • Includes a ‘sandbox server’ for training and testing functional upgrades and fixes throughout the year
  • Includes a report server so lengthy reports do not affect system response time
  • Access to our support desk, online manuals and knowledge base as well as the LibLime users group and users list-serv
  • Unlimited customization options through shared sponsored development
  • Backed by LibLime’s professional support team

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Supporting Services

As a full service content management provider, PTFS has collaborated with libraries and government agencies to develop high performance teams and systems. To augment our Library Services Platform, we offer three core services.

Systems Integration and Content Management Solutions

Systems Integration and Content Management Services

In order to completely meet customer objectives, a variety of integrated components must work with each other. Our specialists have a deep understanding of search and big data systems enabling us to advise clients on the best solutions.

We provide:

  • Integrated Content Management and Content Services
  • Process and Workflow Systems
  • Customized Declassification, FOIA and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Removal Solutions
  • Consulting Services
  • Portal Solutions
Services include:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Evaluation and Selection
  • Business Process Reorganization
  • Cloud based hosting services
  • Hardware and Software Installation and Integration
  • Training
  • Data Migration Support
  • Maintenance

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Digitization Scanner

Digitization and Content Conversion

Organizations are challenged to find solutions that properly preserve and improve access to important documents efficiently. PTFS offers specialized secure, high volume digitization and content conversion services at cost-effective pricing. We can also process materials in almost any format including digitization of analog video, audio and movie film. Our 8,000 square foot conversion center provides a full range of services including digitization, manual and automated metadata creation and document storage IAW with NARA standards for scan-on-demand services.

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Professional Support Services

Professional Support Services

Finding the right solutions requires the right people. The PTFS team can cost-effectively recruit and provide highly specialized skill sets to drive your organization’s productivity forward.

Professional support services

  • Program Management
  • Staffing
  • Subject Matter Experts
Staffing expertise includes

  • Research Center Operations
  • Records and Document Management
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Privacy Act
  • Declassification processing
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) removal

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