Learn more about FINDABILITY and PTFS with CEO, John Yokley featured here in CIO Review.  In this article, PTFS is cited for having “long served as a leading enterprise Content Management Service Platform (CSP) supplier to the federal, civilian, and the Department of Defense.” PTFS is recognized by CIO Review as one of the promising solution providers in Naval Tech.

Let Knowvation be the platform you choose when it comes to locating and exploiting the desired data on any given topic in your organization.  Knowvation allows immediate results to get you the information you want, so you can make real time decisions that matter most to your organization.

Where knowledge and innovation come together – this is Knowvation by PTFS.

About Knowvation:

Knowvation® allows organizations to perform diverse content management within one easy to use system. Knowvation is a web-based, file type agnostic, full-text search and discovery enterprise Content Services Platform (CSP). The Knowvation suite is best known for providing enterprise content management solutions where geospatial data analysis, library and archive management, or redaction and declassification operations are the primary area of importance to the client.

About PTFS:

Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS) is a leading provider of enterprise content services platform (CSP) to federal, civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies. Established in 1995 and headquartered in Rockville, MD. Our core products include Knowvation™ Content Services Platform (CSP) and Bibliovation™ Library Services Platform (LSP).   We also offer highly technical teams that streamline the process to stand up and maintain custom solutions that best meet your needs. PTFS supporting services include: Digitization and Content Conversion Services; Systems Integration; and Professional Support Services.

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