Unleashing the Power of Your Data with Knowvation™

In today’s data-driven business landscape, harnessing the full potential of available information for informed decision-making is crucial.  However, dealing with the vast amounts of siloed, unstructured data contained within disparate business units poses significant challenges. According to Gitnux, “Up to 50% of employee time is wasted dealing with tedious data quality problems.”  Refining and structuring this data for actionable insights, while ensuring its relevance to specific business areas, is no easy feat. Since only “3% of data within an enterprise satisfies quality standard,” (Gitnux) the significance of content management cannot be overstated or ignored.

Fortunately, Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS), a trailblazer in the enterprise Content Management Service Platform (CSP) space, can solve your business’s content management problems by providing the ultimate solution with Knowvation™.

What is a CSP?

A Content Services Platform stores, indexes, and manages content. It serves as a robust digital repository that houses an organization’s knowledge. Using a CSP, you can effectively manage your organization’s information to increase efficiency for various tasks and workflows. Examples include data reuse for authoring, records governance operations, internal intellectual property evaluation, and general research.

Traditional versus Advanced CSP Features

Traditionally, Content Services Platforms focused on core features, such as common object storage, search, security features, and platform Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for solution integration  The PTFS Knowvation CSP product suite contains 11 of the “Core Content Services Platform Features” depicted in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Core Content Services Platform Features

More recently, CSPs (Content Services Platform) include advanced features like Natural Language Processing (NLP), and AI/ML that support categorization and data and document intelligence requirements.  The PTFS Knowvation CSP product suite contains four of the “Advanced Content Services Platform Features” depicted in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2: Advanced Content Services Platform Features

Knowvation™ Functionality: Crawl, Index, Ingest, Categorize, and Discover

Introducing Knowvation™: the PTFS powerhouse product to solve your CSP needs. Knowvation™ is a versatile CSP used to ingest, create, and manage vast information repositories, making it an indispensable asset for businesses. Offering a “one search finds all” functionality, Knowvation™ includes truly unique federated index and geospatial intelligence capabilities that sets us apart from the competition. Organizations can effortlessly locate and access critical data, extracting important and meaningful information   and perform record governance operations. Whether managing a repository of information, or finding and indexing materials in place, Knowvation™ ensures data findability is no longer a challenge.

At its core, Knowvation™ is an analytics platform. It ensures that all organizational data is located and included in analytical questions highlighting relationships between data sources or phenomena, such as patterns, connections, contradictions, dilemmas, and problems.   We ensure that the derived answers are not flawed due to analysis on a partial data set because our Federated Search system finds and indexes all pertinent and available data. Further, our CSP software provides the knowledge base to perform document intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) operations.  Knowvation™ can help you unlock the knowledge buried within your organization to drive innovation and permit actionable business decision-making.  Effectively utilizing our CSP, and combining it with a Geographic Information System (GIS), leaves behind the days of tedious and time-consuming manual efforts and says hello to streamlined AI/ML knowledge management.

Figure 3: Knowvation™ Features

As its name suggests, Knowvation™ empowers organizations to transform raw information into knowledge, fostering significant innovation. Its standout feature, shown in Figure 3, is the federating technology that automatically identifies and creates a federated index in real time.  This feature enables a one-search-finds-all capability that revolutionizes enterprise data discovery and information management.

Knowvation™ at Work: Department of State Overseas Building Operations

Under the visionary leadership of John Yokley, PTFS has been a pioneering force in naval technology since its founding in 1995. With PTFS’ custom system, TORPEDO, the company fostered a longstanding collaboration with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), boasting a digital library that is still in operation and now provides easy access to an impressive 19.5 million documents.

“What used to take weeks was accomplished in a matter of minutes.”

– John Yokley, CEO, and founder.

One of Knowvation™’s success stories lies in its deployment for the Department of State Overseas Building Operations (OBO). When OBO faced challenges managing scattered data, Knowvation™ came to the rescue. PTFS collected, digitized, and organized information related to buildings managed worldwide by OBO, providing a comprehensive analysis and distribution to first responders during crises. The geospatial functionality and structured metadata allowed quick access to crucial data, significantly expediting response times and aiding risk management.

DOS’s goal to transition to a 100% electronic operation was ahead of its time.  To realize this goal, DOS needed to digitize an extensive collection of documents and create a robust and easy to use content management system.  We prepared documents for high-volume production digitization with profile sheets that provided document breaks and automated metadata creation.  Furthermore, by utilizing document OCR (Optical Character Recognition), PTFS provided DOS with full text searching features and created fully searchable PDF/A files.  The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Library of Congress accept PDF/A and have the unique capability of allowing rich and complex metadata as part of the file.  When you export a PDF/A file from Knowvation, all the information is transported in one file: thus, simplifying data dissemination.

Another testament to Knowvation’s efficacy was during a catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. In the aftermath, Knowvation™ facilitated the rapid retrieval and export of massive data volumes related to U.S.-owned assets, providing invaluable support to first responders. OBO management provided electronic data on all U.S. assets in Haiti within minutes of the disaster, allowing OBO analysts to get real-time feedback on the state of their overseas properties.

Figure 4: Real-Time Feedback data on all U.S. assets in Haiti


Today, Knowvation™ stands out as the go-to solution for organizations seeking to uncover all the knowledge within their organization and unleash the power of their data. With its revolutionary federated index capability and robust geospatial content management ability, Knowvation™ promises to transform information into actionable knowledge, driving significant innovation in the enterprise arena. Under the guidance of John Yokley, CEO and Founder, PTFS continues to pave the way for data-driven success, providing world-class products that revolutionize information management on a global scale.

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